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In Guspini, my yellow-orange refuge has a small balcony inhabited by succulents, where I watched the first moon eclipse of 2020 yesterday evening. The Full Moon of the Wolf entered the penumbra cone of the Earth, darkening a bit for a couple of hours, then it resumed its luminescence and I thought I saw multicolored vibrant circles around it.

Instead this morning, the sun from the window lights up my bed, I put on my sunglasses, a look at the orange and lemon trees full of fruits that surround the house, the fantastic homemade tart left by Annalù on the kitchen table and I am ready for a highly coveted visit: the centuries-old Juniper of Pistis and its singular history.

The road is straight and fast, I run through large green meadows and fields where tractors and farmers plow the land.

Once in Pistis, I stop in a large parking lot, in front of me the high dunes partly covered with scrub, on the horizon, the Tower of Corsari.

I ask a group of people sitting in the sun for information on the road to get to the Juniper, unfortunately it has collapsed due to the heavy rains of the last month, I can go there on foot on an impervious road that crosses the great sand dunes, or by car , but you have to know its tortuous path.

There is a bit of talk about the age-old trees of Sardinia and one of the group offers to come with me by car to show me the way, afterwards, in return, I will take him home.

I accept and with a complex tour, a piece of dirt road and another on foot, we arrive at our destination.

In front of the luminous horizon of bush and sea, here I am, at what is called "The poet's house", in the center the surprising Secular Juniper.

It is exciting to be able to touch and look at it from all sides. Some branches are resting on the ground and stretch around. Franco, thanks to whom I managed to get there, explains to me that days ago he came together with other people who live in the surroundings, to sort out the place a little and tell me the story. Meanwhile he, the Juniper, strong and invincible, watches us imperturbably and as the sun sets, he dresses in light, to celebrate the end of another day of his long life.

Many years ago, Efisio Sanna, a former miner who had worked in Montevecchio and was also a poet and nature enthusiast, had adopted this juniper and spent many hours writing and thinking under its immense and shady hair. Someone, however, threatened the juniper and wanted to cut it down to make firewood, so Efisio, together with his partner Orlanda, decided to transform the tree into a house, where they could guard the old friend. They used what nature made available to them, the roof was the crown intertwined with helichrysum branches and some stones served as the floor; the poems of Efisio hanging from the branches. This place had something magical that attracted people, many went to visit the couple and Juniper and often Efisio's poems were sung until late at night. In the long life of Juniper, that was a glorious time, other poets also began to visit it and leave their poems there, until unfortunately Efisio died.

The house was destroyed by vandals and some branches of the tree cut off.

Today there is a law that protects monumental trees and Juniper is protected, new people take care of the place, often visited by inhabitants of the region, tourists and travelers.

Only one of Efisio's poems remains, written on a commercial envelope and left in the mailbox that he had placed next to the juniper.

Poetry for the Tree

Orlanda Sassu - Efisio Sanna 1980

As a punctual swallow I returned

From you loved nest to live

Still immersed in sleep I found you

In this oasis of peace to dream.

Mild my foot came to rest

Thoughtful that sleep not to upset

But you awoke to my appearing

As if I were anxious to wait

In my heart you tightened and I kissed you

With as much love as my heart can give

From above the moon looked down and

Seeing my face with tears beaded

Touched she bent over and smiled at me

Ah incomparable nest

Figure of creation

How much tenderness you infuse my heart

How much humility you teach me

Much love

Reluctantly I leave Juniper, the air has become fresh, the sun casts the last ray on the horizon, while a large red moon is rising on the opposite side. I end the beautiful day chatting over a glass of wine and an excellent pecorino with cistus honey.

Thanks Efisio and Orlanda!


All Images and Original Text copyright Solo Moles - Travel One 2019

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Great poetic story!🌝Thanks Solo.


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