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Solo Moles is a multimedia artist, photographer, filmaker, 

creative director and designer.

Solo was born in Milan, where she has spent her entire life in the world of Art, participating in major international art projects and, at the same time, focusing on her own artistic production.

She started out from a very young age in the world of photography in London, before moving into the world of fashion in Paris, where she worked as fashion designer for Réal and Promostyle until the 70s.

Having gained international experience and recognition, she opened her own design studio in Milan. Here, she became a pioneer in Italian design, together with Armani and Versace, working for prestigious clients, such as Anic Fibre, for whom she brought her creative insights to major fibre and fabric manufacturers throughout Europe.

In the years that followed, Solo started the portrait photo project "a lot like love" in N.Y. that she would continue working on for thirty years.

She both made photo-reportages and reports for various Italian publishers like La Repubblica, Amica and Annabella, among others.

In the 80s, Solo got a sponsorship from Polaroid, and she worked on many projects, including several pieces of art from the Venice Carnival which were acquired by the Polaroid Museum in Amsterdam.

She continued her experimental research in CopyArt with the support of Rank Xerox, which meant she had access to the first large format printers.

In 1984 Solo moved on to motion pictures, founding Videobank in Milan, the world's first video archive, with a project for showbiz and advertising that preceded the Internetworking System by two years. She created the video archives for the largest international supermodel agencies, Fashion Model, Riccardo Gay and Elite. L'Oreal entrusted her with the search for top models and testimonials in Paris and New York, and to shoot their videobooks.

In 1993 Solo directed her first commercial for Colgate Palmolive which was a finalist for Best Director at the New York Film Festival and for Best Film at the Cannes Film Festival: this success opened doors for her into the advertising market, where she worked for twenty years as a creative director and designer for leading multinational companies, such as Unilever, Zanussi, De Longhi, Microsoft, Sap and Algida. For the latter, she created and directed the first European stereoscopic 3D film, made by combining live 3D footage and 3D graphics and models.

The film was screened in a travelling cinema that toured very successfully around Italy.

As part of the many tasks entrusted to her by Unilever, Solo conceived the national travelling event and the competition project for the launch of Sunsilk brand, as well as the design transforming a truck into a "hairdresser salon" that crossed Italy in numerous stages.

At the same time, she worked on the artistic project Aware Wear, designing wearable new tech sculptures that blended new technology with fashion and art.


In 2009 she wrote and directed her first short film in Venice, "Seguilacqua" (literally “Followthewater”), acquired by Rai Fiction with the aim of turning it into a TV film. 

For Venice, at the Shanghai Expo 2010, she made 32 documentaries concerning the city's land, history, culture and organisation.

Throughout her career, Solo Moles has always been concerned about social issues; making films and projects against violence on women, in favour of childrenfor the protection of the environment and human rights.

Her contemporary visual art, including photography, video art, installation and art action  is almost completely unpublished because, as she says, "They have always been my secret mirrors".

Solo is currently working on a Tv Travel format.


(Press Office OmniaAdv)

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