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The mirror of the queen

The road that climbs from Canazei towards Malga Ciapela is narrow and full of curves, but suddenly, on the Fedaia pass, it opens up to the vision of a turquoise lake dominated by a glacier. It is La Marmolada, called the queen of the Dolomites; I slow down, I would like to stop and contemplate this wonder, but no chance to stop.

I go back after a few days, this time I am alone to cross the bridge of the dam. The day is clear and I can't take my eyes off the emerald mirror of the water.

The glacier is up there, dominated by the 3,300 meters of Punta Rocca. In the last century, like all the glaciers in the Alps, its size has halved, it is increasingly a privilege to be able to admire it.

Under the influence of the colors of the landscape, my mood slowly changes, I don't notice it right away, I've been looking for answers for days.

I observe the enigma of moving clouds. I look at the reflections of the water, the emerald mirror of the Queen of the Dolomites. My breathing slows down and in the silence that only resonates with my steps, the mind begins to calm.

The sense of travel and life emerges from the perception of this enchantment. I think of those beautiful words by Pessoa: "Eternal wayfarers of ourselves, there is no other landscape but what we are."

A little further on there is a white beach and the first people I meet. They tell me that some days ago someone took a bath right here, at 2000 meters, in the icy water that comes from the glacier.

Lake Fedaia, Canazei, Trento. Italy.


All Images and Original Text Copyright Solo Moles - Travel One 2020

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I did not know this marvellous lake, but you make me desire to go there. Love your writing, I always desire to read more and more❣️


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