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The treasure of Lake Braies

Once the mountains of Braies were inhabited by wild people who spent their time looking for gold and precious stones, whose brilliance they loved. When shepherds came from the valley to pasture their cattle on the beautiful meadows around the lake, despite the many precious gifts received from the Savages, they began to rob them. The latter, furious, opened the underground sources, which united forming a vast surface of water and swallowing their wealth. The lake thus formed was called "Wild Lake".

The shepherds of the Braies Valley renamed it the "Braies (Wild) Lake".

I am driving through the Fanes-Senes-Braies natural park, heading north. The lake is 1500 m away and I already see the peaks of the Dolomites. I think back to the fairy tale and the Savages, who were better than the "civilized" yesterday and today.

I walk along the path that surrounds the lake; already at first sight, the light is clear today and the landscape is truly formidable; the precious stones swallowed by the lake, must have been mostly emeralds because this is the purest color of the water.

As I enter the trees surrounding the lake, the first joyful signs that something is about to happen; the fish jump out of the water, leaving concentric circles that overlap each other, in an infinite texture.

The light reveals a new world below the surface, like a secret whispered from the light for a moment and immediately hidden.

With each step a new beauty, the play of reflections on the water, always on the point of disappearing, leaves deep emotions heightened by the transience of that splendor.

I stop next to a root that looks like the head of a forest spirit, even the lake holds its breath. Someone plunges into the water, evoking centuries of myths, from the Mother Goddess to the Nymphs, Nereids and Naiads, to the water of purification and miraculous rebirth.

It is sublime to remain immersed in this kind of liquid light that makes reality different and suspended in space.

Even my eyes become a mirror, they become new and laughing. Braies and his legend have regenerated hope; once again, today, nature has surprised and consoled me with its infinite charm.



All Images and Original Text Copyright Solo Moles - Travel One 2020


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